Growing up (and even now) people always thought Laura was older than me. She is not only bigger than me, but she was the more mature one. Still sometimes is haha

She graduated high school while I chased boys & trouble, went to college while I went to clubs. Lives on her own, blah blah blah. So, when I got pregnant everyone was a bit nervous to see how I’d be as a mom. I know most people thought I’d be one of two types.. the overprotective or the super careless/always out with her friends type. JOKES ON Y’ALL! I’m a damn good mom who has managed balance and has kept her kid alive while holding onto her sanity for over 2 years now… LOL Laura knew I’d be good at it. She told me one time “It’ll come to you.” And it did!

She was the first person I told I thought I was pregnant. We were never really close as kids/teens, in fact we couldn’t stand to be at the same table or in the same house. That’s probably why she was so quick to get out on her own haha but as children, no matter how mean to her I was she was still obsessed with me and called me “Mine”. I could always rely on her to have my back no matter what. And at some point we realized that God had given us each other for a reason and how blessed we are to have someone unconditionally love us that wasn’t a parent or friend who would blab our secrets. She gets me.

Her reaction when I told her I was pregnant was excitement that turned into less than comforting when she point-blank says “it ain’t my reputation” after I said how scared I was what people would think because I was single and unemployed… so mexican of me (face palm) LOL But, she was enthusiastically joyful about the news which was reassuring that someone was in my corner and would help me through it. That’s the kind of person she is.. blatantly honest, but supportive. A realist with a soft heart.

Then 2 weeks ago it was her turn to break some news to me. When she told me she was moving to Atlanta I could tell she was excited & nervous. Excited for the opportunity and nervous because that motherly and protective spirit of hers felt a tiny obligation to stay for me and Si.

I didn’t really have a reaction because, well, she’s my baby sister and I am happy to see her pursue any goal or dream or adventure she wants. She has nothing keeping her here, why not?! Why not follow God’s path for herself?! She’s taught me so much about independence and leaps of faith that I know without a doubt that if her AND my mom left, I’d be ok and I think SHE needed to know that before she made a final decision.

For some reason people (yes, more than one) have looked at me with concern when I have told them she was moving.. I am ok, y’all. HAHA  This move isn’t just for her, God is pulling us both in directions that lead to our own purposes. How is that not exciting?!

WE ARE OK, Laura! I promise!

With any change or move like this, fear will always linger at first, I guess. For all of us. But rest assured, that girl is going to SOAR! She doesn’t know what it means to give up.  Laura will calculate and think and analyze every decision she makes. She will calmly go into a situation and come up with a solution. Me? I tend to be irrational and quick to jump the gun then stress the whole way through the consequences (LOL). Since becoming a mom, I’ve gotten a ton better, though.

How is it possible for two people to come from the same home, be completely different people and still get along and be in sync the way we are?! Answer: God.

Laura, I know you are going to nail this thing. Whatever it is. Whatever the reason God is sending you there, you got this! Stay focused, stay humble, stay aligned. More than anything, lean on us when you need to. Thank you for helping to teach me how to trust myself. Thank you for being an example of what independence looks like. Thank you for staying strong when I wasn’t. Thank you for loving Simon infinitely. Thank you for loving me when I wasn’t so loveable. Thank you for being my lifetime best friend and partner in crime. Thank you for setting an example all these years. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for being a voice of reason. For all that and many more reasons, I love you. I promise to remind you why you are there when you’re homesick. I promise to make you laugh when you need to. I promise to make you see from a “softer” and more sensitive perspective when you need to. And thanks to technology you won’t miss a thing with Simon! Practicing FaceTime with him until you go has proven that it’ll be fun and I need to get more storage for all the screen shot pictures he loves taking of you. Flights are cheap and the drive is long enough for me to jam almost every song in my favorite playlist. We love you. We are proud of you and don’t ever doubt yourself or this.

Katrina & SiRay/SiMan/Your Bear/Your MCM every Monday


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