Bi’s, Tri’s & Some Core

Alright, guys and gals, this one is from today. I finally feel close to my normal self after being under the weather and traveling. It’s a miracle I didn’t get worse while I was gone, but thanks to Mucinex, cough drops, Emergen-C, and Oregano Oil I am much better!

I rarely do arm workouts like this because my arms stay pretty toned thanks to my little habits every day. For example, if I am carrying anything (bags of trash/ groceries/Simon/boxes/etc) I curl it haha I know it sounds silly and the guys at work laugh, but I curl it. It’s obviously helped! Today’s was a pretty good one and I hope that you guys get some great ideas from it!

The only thing I can say about any arm workout is to KEEP YOUR ELBOWS TUCKED! 

Alternate Single Bicep Curls – 10 lbs. – 15 reps

** Remember to keep your elbows close to your body. The less movement you make, the better! And ISOLATE THE BICEP!!!!


** Different angle so you can see the form.  I promise I was in a good mood this morning lol my face in these clips looks so angry.


Bicep Curl – 10 lbs.  – 15 reps 


Tricep Pushdown – medium resistance – 15 reps

** This one is something I am lucky enough to do, but not everyone has a rafter like that in their home so later you will see an alternate technique

** Keep elbows in and do your best not to move anything other than your forearm.


Bent Tricep Extension – Medium Resistance – 15 reps 

** Keep arm close and tuck & lock elbow!!!


Kneeling Tricep Push Down – Medium Resistance – 15 reps 

** Again, lock them elbows!!!


Hammer Curl – 10 lbs. – 15 reps 



Overhead Extension – 10 lbs. – 15 reps

** Keep elbows locked and as close together as you can without touching and extending your shoulder too much haha sounds complicated, but you should feel what I mean when you do it


Bent Overhead Extension – Hard Resistance – 15 reps 


Standing Resistance Tricep Kickbacks – Hard Resistance – 15 reps 


Standing Resistance Bicep Curl – Hard Resistance – 15 reps 

** At the end you see me doing what I call “Open Heart Flys”- I like these just to open up the chest a bit and you can feel a tiny bit of movement in the biceps & triceps. Just something I enjoy doing, not part of the circuit haha


In & Outs – 10 lbs. – 25 reps 

** The higher you hold the weight, the harder it is.


This one is new to me. I wanted to try a different variation of the Russian Twist and this is what I thought of.

I’m using a loop band (medium resistance) and its wrapped around my foot while I attempt to push my leg out or hold it, I twist like I’m doing a Russian Twist. Using a weight for this causes too much movement for me and I end up using my back more than my Core.

Russian Twist Using Loop Band – Medium Resistance – 25 reps/side 


Side to Side Plank – 40 total (20 each side)


V-Up – 25 reps 

** These are not for beginners, but DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! Try it! Go as far up as you can and do it again and again and then challenge yourself to go further the next time you do it!


* *  I named it that^^ haha

** There are 3 different moves in this. The first 2 forms I bring each leg in 15 times and the last time when I bring both at the same time I aim for 20


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