Circuit: Back

Don’t laugh because this might be a little TMI, but this workout was not planned.  I was on a plane coming back from NyC when I wrote an Arm Circuit to do the next day. But, I woke up and was cramping sooooooo intensely that I just wanted the pain in my back to go away so I did a few short back moves to help. Once I can better plan a full back workout I will share, but these are some of what I do at home.

PS) My playlist was going and most of what was shuffling and playing were women- power songs haha PERFECT for pms workouts!

Upper Back Lifts- 20 reps

On these I had to push my feet against the cabinets because it’s not easy to balance. Make sure the ball is further down on your hips/upper thing than higher towards your abs.

My back was in so much pain for this. I had to stop and stretch it so I added it in as well. I’ve never done yoga, but I know some moves from Massage School. Here’s my attempt at:

Cat Pose, Cow Pose, Extended Puppy Pose

Again, it was not planned, super sloppy and I intend on getting better at this yoga thing!

Forward/Above Head Extension- 15 reps

Stiff Leg Deadlift- 10 lb – 15 reps

These helped my back and also worked that upper Gluteus Medius (upper part of the bum)

Single Arm Side Extension- 12 reps/each arm  – red band (medium resistance)

Slight Bent Over Row- 12 reps (medium resistance)

Squatted Row- 15 reps (medium resistance)

This one was fun! Worked my legs and butt while working core and back! I attached a picture of how I wrapped the band around the doorknob to keep it strong enough for me to pull on.


On the squat in the stretch, be sure to tuck your hips in.


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