Favorite: AM for the Mind


One the most annoying things about me is that I am constantly trying to find ways to feed my mind and spirit. Being (a not so perfect) Christian is something I’m proud of and strive continuously to grow in. So, I find devotionals to read every morning to find a connection with God for the day.

2017 I read Jesus Calling (which I shared previously) and this year, 2018, I am reading Joyce Meyer’s “The Confident Woman Devotional”

It was something I found on accident and don’t regret. I say that because, just like many of you, I struggle with confidence. Some days I feel so powerful than other days I feel powerless and invisible. It’s tough when society is making it tough for us by pinning us against each other and by glorifying big breasted women who alter so much of themselves and their pics to look “natural” when nothing about it is NATURAL.

My best advice is this…


I, literally, have that written on my mirrors so I don’t forget!


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