Booty Booty Booty

This clip is a whole circuit in one. Repeated 3 times. Ended with sprints.

** Sprints are a great HIIT work out.

The breakdown of each one is below. There were others that I did not video nor do I remember, but I will get those in later work outs.

Bridge Single Leg Pull In– This one was NOT easy. I learned quick that I need to work on balance. You’ll want your hips aligned to the floor. Hands beneath your shoulders and out a bit for better balance. Then brin one leg tucked into your core. I did 12 each leg (slowly because it was super tough).

The second one I’m not even sure the name of LOL All I can tell you is that you get some dumbbells and 2 towels to place under your feet. Position yourself on the dumbbells like you are doing a push up and slide each leg in and across like sliding mountain climbers. Then out and in.  I did this for 20 seconds and on the last set I aimed for 30. To make it more challenging I added some push ups. Optional to you because it’s still a great work out.

The 3rd one, I also don’t have a name for. I suck at remembering all that, sorry. But I decided to challenge myself and take a dumbbell (could be something else) and do lower ab focus exercises by competing with myself to go over-and-all-around the dumbbell with my legs. This engaged my core double time trying to keep myself balanced– and made it FUN! I did this for 20 seconds then aimed for 30 on the last set.

Incline cross to elbow– (totally made that up) this one is done on an incline for added upper body work. But it’s still the same still as a plank with cross over. Aim your right knee to your left elbow and vice versa. Did this one 20 seconds and aimed for 30 on the last set.




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