Arms, Abs & Booty

My warm-up for this routine was:

Minute 1-2:30 brisk walk on incline

Minute 2:30-3:30 jog

Minute 3:30-4 sprint

Minute 4-4:30 off treadmill

Minute 4:30-5 sprint

(then turned it off and walked it out around the living room)

At the end of this routine I did 2 more sprints of 30 seconds.

Reverse Lat Pull Down – this move works the upper back, arms and shoulder

I know not all homes have the rafters like ours does, but I found that you can find a place to do this one (and the next) anywhere. For example, if you have stairs, put it over the railing and stand close to wall under the stairs or if you are in an apartment, use the door outside on the patio (if you have one) or one inside. Put the strap between the door and hinge and stand closer to the door knob. Obviously leave the door open haha But if you can’t find anything to use, I’ll share more videos of similar moves that CAN definitely be done in place of these.

Chest Press with Stability Ball Curl – I am all about adding core moves into any move I make. Mostly because it’s the part of my body I’m most self-conscious of, but also because the stronger your core the better posture and confidence we ALL have. When doing this move, try not to go too far back on the come down. Hypertension is a very important thing that we should all be mindful of.

Mountain Climbers– (insert deep sigh) These and Burpees are 2 of my least favorite moves, but they do the job of bringing your heart rate up. I tend to stop between sets and do other things and then go back and by this time my heart rate is slowed so I do 40 (20 for each side) to get it going again between sets here and there. It works your whole body, but mostly arms, back, and core.

Plank with Jump Out (Technical term: outward snap jump)- I literally went straight from Mountain Climbers to this one and it really got me going. Same thing… core, arms, hips, total body. Alignment (along with every move in fitness) is very important in these. If you go too low in the hip area you risk hurting your low back. Be aware.

Incline Push-Up– I prefer girlie push up where my knees are rested on the floor, but these are really good for beginners or for older people who aren’t able to push-up their majority body weight.

  • For added core work, you bend at the elbows and hold and bring your knee (one at a time) in crossing over to reach for your opposite elbow.

Bent Leg Jackknife– I did NOT like these. It really hurt my neck, but worked my core for sure. I would recommend starting with hands behind your head and just extended your legs out (not too low because you put strain on your low back) and come back in. I suggest doing these slow so you can isolate your core better and engage.

Curtsy Lung– The guys at work laugh at me because I do these randomly haha Nobody likes saddlebags and even I have them after having Simon. Again, alignment is HUGE for these. Try to align your knee with your toes. They will not be pointed straight. In fact, your left foot should be pointed slightly towards the right if you are pulling your right leg back) and towards the left if your left leg is going back. Just like with walking lunges or any lunge, you do NOT want your knee extending over your foot nor do you want you knee touching the ground.

** Most people go back with their leg and come back to a stop. Me? I prefer the swing I find it causes me to work a bit harder when I land and come back up. And do your best to put more weight on your heel (that is up front) for each leg.

Sumo Squat– these are my favorite squat because I don’t need to focus so much on alignment. What I’m trying to signal in this clip is that you want your feet a bit further out than shoulder width and you want to bring your hips in. DO NOT ARCH YOUR LOW BACK! I see so many IG girls doing this who already have booty’s so they do it to make their bodies look good. DON’T! Bring those hips in and you will see the difference and shouldn’t feel any pain.

** Be sure to put most of your weight into your heel with this one.

Glute Bridge– Also one of my favorites. Put a dumbbell (any weight is good really) and put more emphasis on your heels. Try not to let your back or hips completely touch the floor. I promise, you will feel a faster burn which will inspire you to want to push through for more!

Donkey Kick Back–  I took a Barre class recently and one thing I learned was that my body may look fit, but it is nowhere near as strong as I thought it was. The number one rule in Barre is tuck your hips and align! So, try to implement that same rule into this move. You don’t need to extend it so far back and jerk to the point your hips and low back are strained. Take it SLOW and easy and focus on the muscle. It helps to do tight short extensions as well. If you can’t feel it, don’t worry, I will post another exercise similar that you will!

Tricep Dip– These are tricky for me and I always have to think about what I’m doing. It’s so easy to have your elbows too far out and injury your wrists or shoulders so be mindful and pay attention to your body! You want to be far enough away from the bench or whatever you choose to use that your elbows make a 90 degree angle with the floor. Really focus on the triceps until you feel your body using it.


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