Florence, TX

What if we could recharge ourselves like we do our phones?

I do my best to find the positive in everything I do, but there are times when life throws you some punches and you just need to get away and “recharge”, so to say.

So that’s what I did. I found a place that was a small taste of Italy right here in our big state of Texas.

A little winery called The Vineyard at Florence. It’s about an hour outside of Austin and it was so worth the drive. It’s great for a day trip then a stay in Austin or weddings or anything with the girls or with your spouse. They have a few villas, which is where we stayed, but they have land that can be purchased for those who want to build a residence there. It was built by Amish so everything is pegs; pretty neat.
It’s beautiful and I could not have asked for a better place to spend time at to just let go and recharge. Even if only for a night.

I’m trying to put more energy and find time for my love of photography so you’ll see those, stuff from our spontaneous ‘photo shoot’ and from our stop in Austin.

Dear Austin,
You are fun, full of life and always a pleasure.

Also, if you are looking for cool little spot to try, hit up Burro. My good friend Aaron Ross is one of the owners and one of the top BMX riders in the nation. 🙂



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