Easter 2017

Just a few years ago our family did Easter BIG at our house. We have about 12 acres so there was plenty of room. We’d host our family friends and each family would be a team.

We’re talking volleyball, basketball, ladder ball, water balloons, dodge ball, all sorts of games and activities. Of course, home team advantage gave us the win ;P

Fast forward a few years and life has completely changed. It doesn’t feel like the big family we once had, but it’s full of more love than ever before, which is why this year’s Easter was going to be something different.

We woke up at 4am Sunday to attend Sunrise Service on Crystal Beach then headed home for something different than we normally do.

I chose not to do an egg hunt and wanted to start new traditions while keeping it in the family.

We baked some Rice Krispie Nests, cracked some confetti eggs, my dad grilled his famous pork chops and we just spent time being surrounded by laughter and love.


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