Same game. Different team.

Judgy people piss me off. I mean, like, really piss me off. Parenting is hard enough, now you wanna make it a competition?!

(Insert moment of rage and pause. These days I’ve taught myself the pause before I say something I regret)

Look, I respect parents who can cook every meal, afford organic and specialty milks and juices. I admire parents who can spend time researching. I admire the ones who can spend time with their kids and not have to rely so much on daycare & montessori to teach them.


I’m what I like to call a BARM(P) Balanced And Realistic Mom (Parent) living in the real world. My child is lactose intolerant and is allergic to apples. (By the way, everything for kids is apple! Someone should change that!)

I don’t have time to sit and read about different milks and different foods or make crafty faces with his pancakes or paint his room that he won’t ever remember or be in most of the time. Shut up. We don’t grow our own food. We don’t go to the market and pick fresh anything. We live in a fast paced world and making sure my child has a childhood and can eat something when he’s older and not worry that his body reject it because I fed him organic everything, is fine with me. I do not need you in my face bragging about how wonderful and clean you and your child’s body are.

Speaking of clean… Guess what? My child is dirty. You know why? Because he plays outside and I feed him french fries in the car in between running errands. He eats his veggies, cereal, meats and grains just fine. I didn’t breastfeed for very long or buy him special milk (except lactaid) and he is just as smart as the next kid his age. In fact, he’s nicer and funnier than any kid I’ve met his age.

You know why? Because it’s not about what we feed them, it’s what we TEACH them! It’s about teaching our kids to be better humans and it’s about what we can learn from each other as parents. You can throw any study in my face and I will listen and consider making changes if deemed appropriate. Until then, I like the old school way over the hipster way.

You so fancy!

You know how many friends have come to me and asked what I did or which way I handled something? Enough to make me feel respected. We are all on the same team and you judging others for letting THEIR child be a child in a world where we are in a hurry and eat animals and processed food is not cool.

Don’t even get me started on “I don’t let my kid watch tv”. I said the same thing! Then my baby became a toddler! Good luck with that! (salute!).


One thought on “Same game. Different team.

  1. You go girl ! My daughter is 12 and she still won’t eat anything green unless it’s mint ice cream , and she’s smart, funny and perfectly healthy. It is truly how you interact and teach your kids that makes them who they are, not what kind of expensive organic things you feed them. It’s ridiculous for anyone to feel superior as a parent because they buy organic milk.


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