my fave face products

People tell me all the time that I look younger than I am. I am 33, by the way. I reply with a smile and a polite thank you and always feel grateful for good genes. Not everyone was given that. That being said, I do have wrinkles too and only recently started to really take care of my skin– in hopes of preventing that gawd awful aging process. I previously posted about my routine and favorite products, but that’s changed haha

I’ve watched so many videos of make up tutorials and they all used a primer of some sort. A very expensive primer. A product that I set out to find a replacement for. I did! Don’t laugh, but I began using baby oil on my face. Yep. Baby oil. I shower every morning and moisturize (including my face), that hasn’t changed. Then I dab a little baby oil on with a cotton ball. I mean, a very tiny amount because a little goes a long way.

Then I brush my teeth and stuff so that my face has time to soak it in a bit and dry up. Otherwise my makeup just glides on top of it and I’m left with make up wasted.

Apply make up and go on with life.

During the day I never reapply makeup. Never been that girl to go to the bathroom to do it on dates or out with friends. Ever. Maybe lipgloss, but even then it’s usually Carmex.

In the evenings, I let Simon play in the bath while I take my contacts out, remove my make up for the day (twice) with Neutrogena’s Make-Up Remover Wipes. Again, I let me skin air dry then apply my nightly creams.

I was using Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream on my face and neck, but I believe you have to change once in awhile so your skin doesn’t get bored with products. Right now I’m using L’oreal Revitalift Night Cream on my face (I’ll go back to Garnier after) and Elf Illuminating Eye Cream for my under eyes.

The thing is, ladies, I could easily encourage you to go buy some pricey product that celebs use, but there are some pretty decently priced products right there at CVS & Walgreens. Besides, that celeb skin is photoshopped! It really depends on your genes. #Honesty

If you are using products always remember it doesn’t take much of the product either. Focus on your important areas and apply there first.

MAJOR TIP: watch what you put INTO your body because it will come OUT your skin first.



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