Hand, Foot & Mouth

One of the hardest times Simon had was when he got HFM. Ugh. I wanted to cry every time I looked at him.

It all started with a diaper rash… or what I thought was a diaper rash. We had just discovered he was allergic to apples and I thought his daycare lady had given him some apples by accident and just forgot to tell me. A day or 2 passed and it got worse. Then I start seeing tiny red spots on his body. Not a lot, but enough to take notice.

I put cream and powder on his butt and told myself I’d check it when I picked him up and see if it worsened. Sure enough…

In a matter of hours they had spread and become huge red sores! ALL OVER HIS BODY!

I got him home and noticed he wouldn’t take a bottle. Odd. I go to change his diaper and his rash had gone from red and bumpy to looking like puss balls, peeling skin and some sort of fungus. Check his temperature.. normal. Isn’t fussy until I go to give him a bottle or clean his butt.

I immediately packed him up and took him to TX Childrens Urgent care in Pearland. After a swab of his butt and a blood draw they diagnosed him with Scarlet Fever on his butt and just a rash on his body. Prescribed a cream for his behind gave him a shot of antibiotic and a note to check in after 2 days.

Two days later and the same thing.. refused a bottles, no fever, no fussiness, the sores on his butt didn’t get better, and the red bumps turned to what looked like sores all over his body. It had slightly worsened.

I packed him up and took him to TX Childrens ER in the Medical Center. I’ll never forget because it was like 11 o’clock at night and my sister went with me. Their system was going down and they managed to get us in and out in an hour. Turns out it was HFM the whole time. From his throat down to his tiny toes. Why the urgent care didn’t see it or test for it blew my mind because it is common, but it didn’t matter. My child was in pain and you wouldn’t have even known unless you looked at his body.

After doing research I learned that once it starts there is no stopping it, but I did find some helpful tips for speeding the healing process.

1.) apply athlete’s foot cream to their body (I would do it once in the AM and once after bath time while he slept).

2) bathe them in Aveeno Oatmeal wash.

3) do not panic or look in fear because kids pick up on our energy and it’s bad enough for them. Just hold them and have patience because it can be exhausting.



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