my skin

You know those girls who were blessed with great skin, thick hair, and a fast metabolism?

I’m one of them. Sorry, not sorry.

I eat junk because there isn’t much time to cook, rarely work out, drink espresso every day and have been slacking on my water intake. Trust me, I don’t even know how I lost the baby weight. I’m smaller now than I was before I got pregnant.

But I always get compliments on my skin so I’m going to share my secret.

Dove Bar Soap (Unscented)  I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful with products and have found that this one is the best for me.

My morning routine: shower–face wash with Dove last–PAT dry face–moisturize (while face is still semi wet)–get dressed–make up application. This leaves time for everything to fully dry on it’s own before applying products. Every once in awhile I will use an exfoliator on my body. When I do it’s the Equate Blemish Control Exfoliator Scrub. It’s cheap and does the job.

 Preferred MoisturizerDesigner Skin Angel Moisturizer. It’s semi inexpensive and lasts for a while. I used it on my face and body and any time I use something else my skin reacts.

My evening routine: remove makeup with Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Wipes, then I apply Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle Anti Fatigue Sleeping Cream to my face and neck. It doesn’t take much and feels refreshing when applied.

Once every two weeks I will do a really good good exfoliator on my face and follow it with a mask or 2. I love the ones at Target Que Bella Face Masks. Super cheap and work just as good as those at the salon. But my favorite facial exfoliator has been one that I stumbled on when I bought it with the intent to give it to my sister H&M Liquorice & Sugar.

Other than that.. I don’t drink soda, don’t smoke, do my best to not pick my face, and use the Neutrogena Naturals Spot Cream.

Hope this helps and always remember that everyone is different– body and skin.


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