Why, though?!

Proud single mom who got tired of seeing blogs and posts of moms who made their lives look perfect.


Let me repeat that….. that is NOT REAL LIFE!!

My kid isn’t in music class, hates sitting in high chairs, wears Wal-Mart mismatched clothes and will lay himself on the ground and cry when he doesn’t get his way.

I work full time, his dad isn’t in the picture much and I am trying to date and have a social life. It’s not easy and some days it’s a miracle that I don’t wear yoga pants.

That is what this blog is about. REAL LIFE. Being a single mom is TOUGH! We are doing our best with what we are given and God bless us! It’s not cheap to raise a child even with bare minimum things and to keep our sanity is another miracle because some days I just want to lose my s**t. Yes, I cuss and go to church. I let him make a mess when he eats and I forget to brush his teeth. I’m not perfect; nobody is. We get better, though. And out of the millions of single moms out there I am not the only one! I am here to share stories, photos, laughs, ideas, and give advice in areas from dating to mom life.

This is for us. We are resilient, relentless survivors who get up and kick a** every day! May the force be with us!

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